Introducing AVKO’s Glitter Effect Paint

The AVKO brand and product line has moved forward leaps and bounds since last year due to the continuous improvement of new technologies in finishes and paint. One of the most recent product developments is a technique and product which has been manufactured by AVKO for application on glass – glitter effect paint. The development team at AVKO envisages the new product to be available to current customers, but feels it will also heavily appeal to the domestic market. A large variety of colour options are available and the glitters can be modified to fit to the customer’s specification. The glass used is toughened and perfect for interior home spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms, but would also be ideal for commercial spaces such as restaurants, bars and clubs, due to its unique character. For instance if you required this glass to fit in with a specific chosen colour scheme or to match those colours of your brand/company then the colours can be matched as closely as possible to provide that wow factor for your interior space. This new finish is currently a hot trend and we believe it pushes the boundaries of the use of glass in interiors as well as being a completely new and unique product.

Being such a new product the application process as you can imagine requires a high skill level and the correct equipment. It is recommended to have a different work area along with separate guns and stirrers for these glitters as the contamination level is high into other products. The process involves cleaning the glass surface thoroughly, followed by an application of specialist glitter pigment which is then finished off by applying the AVKO GP colour. The colour finishes are infinite and the density of the glitter is variable which ultimately creates many different appearances. The glitter finishes used have the look of a dense glitter coating completely different to anything that has been seen or used before.

Good housekeeping is essential as always with the AVKO Product. (Please click here for our good housekeeping guide in the spray booth or workshop)

“Watch this space for new products of this nature. These new products are the reason why we’re leaders in our market”

Chris Peeters

Managing Director, AVKO Ltd.