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AVKO offer many unique finishes for application onto surfaces such as plastic, PVCu and glass. We have finishes such as solid and scattered sparkles, metallic finishes and crackle glaze finish. We are continuously researching and developing new products, such as our recently launched AVKO Mirror product, for application onto glass.

Our Application Tutorials give you the step by step process of applying some of these special finishes, from preparing the spray booth right through to the spraying application process. If you have any technical or application questions about any of our products or finishes, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Glass Application PDF Tutorials

Spraying Glass with a Solid Colour

♦ GlassSolidColourApplicationGuide

Spraying Glass with a Sparkle

♦ GlassSparkleApplicationGuide

Spraying Glass with a Rainbow Sparkle

♦ RainbowSparkleApplicationGuide

Spraying Glass with a Crackle Glaze

♦ CrackleGlazeApplicationGuide

Spraying Glass with a Metallic

♦ MetallicFinishApplicationGuide

Spraying Glass with AVKO’s Mirror Paint

♦ MirrorTutorial

Plastic Application PDF Tutorials
Wood Application PDF Tutorials
GRP Application PDF Tutorials


Metal Application PDF Tutorials